Dr. Matteo Valleriani




Balances & Steelyards Topoi 1 (Research Project: Responsible Person)
Pneumatic Machines Topoi 1 (Research Project: Responsible Person)

Publications in Topoi

Incollection 2016
Matteo Valleriani, "Hydrostatics and Pneumatics in Antiquity", in: Georgia L. Irby (Ed.), A Companion to Science, Technology, and Medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome, Oxford - New York: Wiley Blackwell, 2016, 145–160
Article 2014
Matteo Valleriani, "Ancient pneumatics transformed during the early modern period", in: Nuncius, 29 (2014), 127–173
Article 2014
Matteo Valleriani, "Introduction: Appropriation and transformation of Ancient Science", in: Nuncius, 29 (2014), 1–8